Dear competitors, mechanics, team managers, Judges, observers and others,

We would like to inform you about accommodation for the teams that are interested in training out of period when EAAC2017 is held (see Bulletin No.1).
The information is intended for teams that are interested to participate in the official training before starting EAAC2017 or train in time. Another term is needed to negotiate with the local organizer.
EAAC2017 is held in Bohemian – Moravian Highlands region. Accommodation capacity in this region during July and August is often full due to family holidays.
Therefore, we recommend you to arrange the training camps with local organizer at the same time as accommodation in contracted hotels EAAC 2017 as soon as possible – preferably by the end of February 2017.
You can use the following contracting hotels:
Congres hotel Jezerka in Seč, Ústupky

Hotel Slunce in Havlíčkův Brod

Both hotels are taking reservations now.
It is possible that during spring 2017 there will be limited accommodation capacity for EAAC2017 participants.
Accomodation capacity during competition days of EAAC2017 is already arranged. Contact please local organizer with your requirements for type of rooms (single, double etc.), numbers and other details or in case you need accomodation out of the official competition days.