Aerobatic aviator Jan Adamec: The European Championship is a big challenge for us

Jan Adamec. Photo: Miloš Novák

Erika Nováková asked Jan Adamec (translation Jiri Smejkal):

The town Chotěboř will become a mecca of aviation aerobatic this year.

Fans can look forward to the Czech Championship and the European Championship where the international top aviators will participate. We discussed about the details with the head of organization team Mr. Jan Adamec who won gold medal in the most popular category Advanced several years ago. He has bronze medal from the European Championship in his collection too.

One could say that airport in Počátky has certain tradition among aerobatic pilots but European Championship will take place here for the first time.
Aeroclub Chotěboř won organization of this prestige competition due to the perfect organization of Czech Championship in aerobatic in 2014. I have to admit it is a big challenge for us too. No wonder, we could say that aviation aerobatic has long tradition in the Czech Republic and in Chotěboř too.

Is the airport in Počátky suitable for this big competition?
Certainly. We invested here a lot of money during the last five years. We reconstructed runway, built two new hangars, partly reconstructed main hangar, built the new Air traffic control tower which forms airport dominant.
We reconstructed also fuel equipment, apron plates, traffic communications and main administrative building. All these things form the dignified place for the European Championship in the most popular category Advanced. This event will be the second biggest sport event in Highlands Region this year.

When will the Republic and European Championships take place and what people can expect from it?
Czech Republic Championship will be held from 14th to 18th June in all categories – it means Unlimited, Advanced, Intermediate and Sportsman. It will be some appetizer before European Championship. I believe that close European neighbours will come to train. At the end of this event, on Sunday 18th June, we are going to prepare the Children’s Day and Air show for the wide public. The new masters of the Czech Republic will show their flying performance as a part of this Air show. We will announce the results and make final ceremony on Chotěboř square as a part of the Chotěboř Town Days celebration 17th June at 8 PM.

Well, let´s go to the main point – European Championship.
This competition will be held from 5th to 13th August 2017. Pilots will compete in category Advanced. This category is the most occupied category in aviation aerobatic. Several trainings will take place before the official competition. The event will culminate on Sunday after official results announcement and ceremony with the competition called Ivan Tuček Free style Cup. 12 best pilots will show their flying mastery in this competition. I belive there will be some of the Czech pilots among them.

You don’t compete currently, do you? Don’t you feel sorry when you see where aerobatic has already moved? Especially in Chotěboř?
It would be nice to compete in home environment but the average long life of engine aerobatic pilot carrier is approximately seven years. I was a member of the Czech National Aerobatic team for ten years.

Your start of flying was related to some notice-board and school recruitment in Havlíčkův Brod, isn’t it?
I was 11 when I have noticed on this notice-board they looked for some new boys for the Young fliers club. So I enrolled with some schoolmates. We had perfect leader and thanks to him I could sit alone into real glider cockpit when I was 15.
Aeroclub Chotěboř opened Club of young aviators in cooperation with DDM Junior this year. Several young boys enrolled immediately and they will start with the flight training in spring.

The aviation aerobatic is a bit different, isn’t it? Weren´t you scared?
No. I started so called headlong. I passed through the basic training and after exam I continued under experienced aerobatic pilot Zdeněk Polášek. He suggested me to start with high flying. I was so excited that I agreed immediately.

What does man need to do to become aerobatic pilot?
Only to come to the airport in Počátky (laugh). No, it is important to have some discipline, space imagination, sportiness and be able to make an exhibition of oneself. I would like to stress that risk and gamble have not place in aerobatic. There are strong rules which must be kept with pilots in competition but they can feel more free in the air show.The Czech pilots are so much talented and it´s evidenced by several medals from aerobatic competitions which they regularly win.

Business card:

Jan Adamec (49)
Graduated: Secondary School of Economics
Aerobatic pilot from 2003
The great achievements: Master of the Czech Republic (2006), vicemaster of Europe (2005), several third places in the Czech Championship in category Unlimited (2007-2011).
Flying experience which he wants to be forgotten:I don´t want to forget anything because even negative experiences have enriched me.