National teams presentation: France

French team

Baptiste Vignes, Trainer of French Team:
Born on April 15, 1985, 32 years old
Profession: Professional Pilot, flight instructor
Number of flight hours: 1600
2010: World Advanced Champion
2011: European Advanced Vice-Champion
2015: 8th at the World Unlimited Aerobatic Championship.
2016: French Advanced Team trainer (Team 1st at the World Advanced Championship).
7th overall and 5th in Freestyle at the Unlimited European Championship.
2017: Pilot of Red Bull Air Races in category Challenger

Baptiste Vignes

Christine Genin-Zanetta, Team manager’s Advanced French Team
50 years old, 3 children (22, 20 and 13)
1991 and 1993 Female European Champion, 1994 Female World Champion
Job: Adviser at French Aeronautics Federation and Trainer of DIJON-VOLTIGE

Christine Genin-Zanetta

Loïc Lovicourt, 36 years old:
Airclubs: Vendée Sports Aériens et Aéroclub de Picardie Amiens Métropole
Job: Air Trafic Controller
Private Pilot Licence 600 flight hours.
Aerobatic achievements:
2017: 2nd French Advanced Championship
2016: World Champion advanced (individual and team), 3rd in French Advanced
2015: 8th at the European Advanced, 2nd at the French Excellence.

Loïc Lovicourt

Benjamin Nuttall:
41 yo, 2 children (12 & 9)
Airline Pilot (AirFrance 777 F/O), 9000 hours flight.
Pilot since 15 yo,
Member of Advanced Aerobatic French team in 2001, 2002, 2005 and …2017.
Winner of the “coupe de France » 2001 in « excellence » category.
3rd at France advanced Aerobatic championship 2002 et 2017.

Benjamin Nuttall

Bastien Le Roux:
25 year old man working in Germany as a Development and flight test engineer for the Company XtremeAir GmbH producing the XA42 and XA41 aerobatic planes.
Started flying at 14, built a Van’s RV-8 at 18 while studying aeronautical engineering and started flying competition aerobatics in 2014.
Current German and French National champion.

Bastien Le Roux

Antoine Pekar:
39 years old
Aeroclub: Green Bird Aerobatic Team and Aéroclub aéroport de paris
Job: Air Trafic Controller in Charles de Gaulle airport
Private Pilot Licence: 1900 flight hours
Aerobatic achievements:
2017: 4th French Advanced Championship
2016: 2nd in French advanced open de France
2015: 3rd in French advanced open de France

Antoine Pekar

Jonathan Vincent:
19 years old
Airclubs: Dijon Voltige , aéroclub de sens
Job: student bac Scientific
Private Pilot Licence 155 flight hours, started flying at 12 years old and aerobatics at 13, First aerobatic national event at 15,
Aerobatics achievements:
2017: 6th French Advanced Championship
2016: 3rd French national 2 championship

Jonathan Vincent